1200mg&2400mg Gummies by Green Privilege


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NOW AVAILABLE IN 1200MG and 2400MG!!!

Our best selling item- everyone seems to love our soft, chewy and delicious Gummies that are exploding with fruity flavors. Feed the kid in you!


Each bear is dosed at 30mg with 40 pieces total bears per 1200mg bags.

Each ring dosed at 30mg with 40piece total per 1200mg bags

Each Ring is 150mg with 16 pieces total rings per 2400mg bags.

Each worm is 80 mg with 30 pieces total worms per 2400 mg bag

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GP edibles

Apple rings 2400mg, Blueberry rings 2400mg, Gummy Bears 1200mg, Gummy Bears 2400mg, Gummy worms 1200mg, Gummy worms 2400mg, Peach rings 1200mg, Peach Rings 2400mg, Watermelon rings 1200mg, Watermelon rings 2400mg